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Escape from Jurassic Island

Wednesday 11th March 2020 @ 20:00

: N/A
: No
: Peter Cresswell
: 07725 981691
Let's do an escape room, that totally isn't ripping off a famous novel/film....cough cough. "Extinct (escape from Jurassic Island)" is based down at Tenpin Bowling at Milbrook, more information here - We will aim for the 20:30 slot, a place cost £25. I can’t pre-book our places, therefore I will need to make the booking once I've been paid. The deadline for paying is 3rd February or when all the places have gone. If for any reason we cannot get that slot, I will secure another slot or give you a full refund. Please do not book on if you have completed this escape room before. I may sort eating out before hand, but to be confirmed. Please pay me directly - Sort code. 04-00-04/ acc no. 77206665
: Tenpin, Southampton, SO15 OSD
: SO15 OSD
: SU385132
: 50.9176856300349,-1.4525771141052
: Nutfield Court, Southampton SO15 0SD, UK



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